A passive investment cannot exist without active and effective management.

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Real estate is not a passive investment; it must be actively managed. Learn More

Whether contracted to manage a single or multi-tenant commercial property, an apartment building or residential home, SAR Enterprises provides you and your property the individual attention and service it requires. At SAR, clients' properties receive the same care and attention as their investments. SAR is unique in this regard and places a high priority on property management as part of an active and effective real estate management strategy. 

SAR provides many complimentary property management services tailored to each property, including:  


SAR’s dedicated financial personnel actively manage the financial interests of each property for overall profitability. We maintain professional accounting management and reporting systems to continually monitor, thoroughly understand, and improve the performance of any asset.

Our highly trained accounting professionals are experienced in all aspects of property bookkeeping and financial reporting.


Effective lease administration is one of the most important functions of commercial real estate ownership and management. A proper understanding of Lessor and Lessee responsibilities is key to ensuring accurate income projections and property preservation.

SAR’s vast experience provides landlords and tenants with effective lease administration, research, and assistance to ensure contract roles are being accurately enforced and executed.


The ability to access and understand active market data is critical in the planning, monitoring, and execution of any asset level investment strategy.  

SAR uses industry leading research tools and a proprietary analytical platform to conduct active and accurate analysis of a variety of factors influencing real estate investment property. This provides us the ability to stay up to date on the market and make informed decisions through each assets investment cycle.


Professional maintenance of your property is assured. SAR is committed to protecting your real estate investment through regularly scheduled, as well as on-call, maintenance to preserve the value of your asset. We work with our tenants and network of qualified vendors to ensure that your property is maintained properly at all times. All vendors hired are licensed, bonded, and insured and have demonstrated the highest quality work.

While each property has different maintenance requirements, we develop maintenance programs tailored to the needs of each property.