SAR Development
Full service construction, improvements, and R&M for residential and commercial properties.

Development Services


SAR self-performs many aspects of property development and construction including grading, foundations, vertical construction and other contracting functions.

Project Management

Through effective project management we control and deliver construction projects at cost and on time while minimizing risk and maintaining safety.

Building Remodeling

Being a leading renovation contractor, we offer you many options to make your living or working environment livelier and more convenient.

Interior Improvements

We have extensive experience in all forms of interior improvement projects and services for owners, tenants, and managers of residential and commercial properties.

Land Development

Our land development approach is all-encompassing, starting before the acquisition of a site through the evaluation and design phase, to final construction.

Manufactured Housing

We're experts in manufactured housing and build homes that rival their stickbuilt counterparts at a fraction of the cost of development.

Building & Construction

Masters of Consistency and Quality

SAR Development offers a wide array of customized construction services that will enable you to consistently optimize the quality and value of your property.

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When experience counts, you can count on us.

  • 14 New Construction Projects
  • 28 Major Remodels
  • 89 Repair & Maint. Projects
  • 54 Manufactured Home Installations

Manufactured Housing

Value Engineering

From the ownership of various manufactured housing communities, to the construction and installation of custom manufactured homes, SAR understands manufactured housing and the development opportunities that exist in this unique part of the real estate market.

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Land Development

From Concept to Creation

From site selection to initial design and on through construction, SAR helps maximize the value of land developments by providing quality design, timely permitting, entitlement and development services, with exceptional follow-through.

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