A passive investment cannot exist without active and effective management.

An effective real estate investment must be actively managed on two levels, first as an investment asset and second as real property. Asset Management involves the financial and strategic aspects of a real estate investment while Property Management refers to the resources typically needed to handle day-to-day operations. At SAR Enterprises we understand that each real estate investment property has specific needs and management requirements. Together, we design a plan to meet your investment's needs and goals with an absolute objective to maintain the value of the property over the long and short term.

For those seeking a truly passive investment experience, SAR provides Active Management services that includes all roles and functions necessary for the effective management of a real estate investment. When engaged in an Active Managment role, our team approaches your real estate assets in the same way your financial advisor approaches your financial assets. We work with our clients to develop a unique management plan, execute it, then report back on the progress.

Following is an overview of how we define and approach our Asset and Property Management functions, and when combined, provide complete and Active Management.