A passive investment cannot exist without active and effective management.

At SAR, relationships are long lasting. We provide thoughtful and intelligent wealth and trust management services for our clients and beneficiaries of our clients wealth. These clients share common goal and desire to collaborate with us a thoughtful and strategic partner to manage their wealth, estate, and trust assets.   SAR offers a full range of fiduciary and administrative services, including trust administration, accounting and discretionary decision making services for our clients.

Our principals and managers have extensive experience in the administration of trusts and estates. When we assume investment responsibility for the trusts under our administration we develop a customized investment plan, in accordance with the terms of the trust and the needs and wishes of the beneficiaries. These services are delivered in concert with the client’s legal, tax and other advisors.

One of the most crucial components of a comprehensive wealth management plan is a focus on trust & estate planning. Making sure your estate is distributed according to your intent to provide for your family, other loved ones and cherished causes is best approached as a collaborative effort between clients, their estate planning attorneys, CPAs and other trusted advisors. SAR helps guide this process by coordinating the information shared among the family and their key advisors, and then taking the necessary actions to complete a complex estate plan.

For many SAR clients the ultimate measure of success is how effectively they share their wealth with the world. SAR has had the privilege of helping clients carry out effective philanthropic objectives while advising on legacy strategies that can make a lasting difference, integrate philanthropic goals with estate plans, and coordinate tax advisory services to maximize the benefits of philanthropic efforts to all parties.