Real Estate Management
As an active participant in your real estate investments, SAR works to promote asset values through effective management.

Management Services


Our highly trained accounting professionals are experienced in all aspects of bookkeeping and financial reporting.

Lease Administration

We provide landlords and tenants with effective lease administration, research, and assistance to ensure contract roles are being enforced and executed.

Repair & Maint.

We are committed to protecting your real estate investment through regularly scheduled and on demand repair & maintenance to preserve the value of your investment asset.

Risk Management

Whether insurance coverage is the responsibility of the landlord or tenant, SAR constantly monitors the existing coverages and ensures all interests are fully protected.


We analyze market data and key drivers to establish an estimated opinion of fair market value and estimated equity.

Market Research

We use industry leading research tools and a proprietary analytical platform to conduct active and accurate analysis of a variety of factors influencing the real estate investment market.

Active Management

An effective real estate investment must be actively managed on two levels, first as an investment asset and second as real property.

Asset Management

Asset Management

An active participant in your real estate investment

As a key element of real estate investment management, Asset Management involves the financial and strategic aspects of a real estate investment. When engaged in an Asset Management role, SAR is an active participant in your real estate investments. Working with you, we assess the details, key dates, and performance of each individual asset and develop and execute upon a comprehensive asset management plan for each property.

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When experience counts, you can count on us.

  • 44 Assets Managed
  • 194 Tenants Managed
  • 5 Estates Managed

Property Management

Property Management

Complimentary services tailored to each property

Whether contracted to manage a single or multi-tenant commercial property, an apartment building or residential home, SAR Enterprises provides you and your property the individual attention and service it requires. We place a high priority on property management as part of an active and effective real estate management strategy.

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